The Working Week!

Last Saturday morning, on 13 January, my local community celebrated Children’s Day with a Kids Camp. The kids danced away to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, the cute-ness was beyond words! I could hear the Lion King theme songs playing, which made my inner 5 year-old self very happy! There was an array of stalls and games,... Continue Reading →


Training at the UN Asia Headquarters

The first week in Bangkok has certainly delivered! The hustle and bustle is quite an experience. I am loving my apartment, which is in a gated community. There are multiple security points before entry into my apartment complex - which allows my family and boyfriend to feel at ease! Across the road is a mall... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Bangkok!

Welcome to my first post on my brand-new blog! Fingers crossed that I have worked out how to navigate the blog and post this. Technology really isn’t my forte, thankfully, words are my thing. I come from Lake Macquarie (in the City of Newcastle or as Novocastrians call it “Newy”), Australia, which is roughly 2... Continue Reading →

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